Order of Magnitude Group

What We Do? The Order of Magnitude SnapShot

 There are numerous firms ranging from CEO member organizations like Vistage and EO to individual CEO coaching firms to CEO books like  e-Myth that at least partially overlap with our services.  The clear difference is that we focus exclusively on permanently solving the top of the funnel sales problem for potentially highly scalable businesses headquartered in and between New York City and Philadelphia.


Our process is built on designing within 2-3 months a specific Order of Magnitude SnapShot (“OoM SnapShot”) future of your business so that in three years it is valued approximately 10 times more than it is today (1 Order of Magnitude).  After designing the initial OoM SnapShot and ensuring the business model is tactically coherent, the real work begins of building a unique plan to realize your OoM SnapShot. 

If you are a CEO or owner interested in an initial conversation about designing your own OoM SnapShot, please contact us so we can schedule an introductory meeting to mutually assess a fit of working together.